Inclusivity Policy

As StandUP fights for social justice, we have a no tolerance policy for any form of discrimination towards people. If you express any of the views mentioned you will be asked to leave with no chance of appeal.

  • Racism

  • Homophobia

  • Sexism

  • Transphobia

  • Body shaming

  • Classism

  • Any form of shaming due to a person’s characteristics

  • Any affiliation with hate or terrorist groups

We will not stand by any activists that are culturally insensitive ,however we will have a points strategy to combat this. If anyone is purposefully insensitive then we will have no choice but to ask that person to leave, if we deem that someone wasn't aware that they were offending someone's culture then we will deal with them appropriately.

Given the taboo nature of animal rights, anyone expressing any affiliation with the animal liberation front or other extremist animal rights groups will be asked to leave.

If anyone is unsure about any of the issues covered please contact us, we are happy to go through this in detail with anyone who is unsure.

Any activist who has experienced any discrimination by another activist, let the leadership team know ASAP. Never be afraid to speak out, as we will always support someone who wants to file a complaint.

If you are going through tough times and need support, please check out our help hotlines page.